HealthVerity launches its Mortality Masterset, powered by Veritas Data Research, to provide the most likely cause of death for health outcomes research

HealthVerity launches its Mortality Masterset, powered by Veritas Data Research, to provide the most likely cause of death for health outcomes research 2400 1256 Colleen Stoker

HealthVerity launches its Mortality Masterset, powered by Veritas Data Research, to provide the most likely cause of death for health outcomes research

NOVEMBER 7, 2023

PHILADELPHIA, PA — HealthVerity, the leader in synchronizing transformational technologies and real-world data (RWD) to advance the science, today announced the launch of the expertly curated HealthVerity Mortality Masterset, powered by Veritas Data Research.

The solution synchronizes Veritas’ Fact of Death dataset, consisting of over 130 million death records from 1935 to today derived from more than 40,000 public and private sources, with a syndicate of open and closed medical claims assembled by HealthVerity from the nation’s largest de-identified healthcare and consumer data ecosystem. An advanced analytics engine empowered by deterministic and rules-based algorithms processes this synchronized data, retracing each patient’s medical history back 36 months prior from the date of passing, to determine the most likely primary and secondary causes of death. Additionally, each individual is de-identified using a universal HealthVerity ID that allows the Mortality Masterset to be seamlessly synchronized with other data sources for a comprehensive view of the patient journey.

It is important to know not just if a patient died, but whether the cause of death was from the disease being studied to better measure treatment efficacy and overall survival, address any safety issues, and make appropriate public health policy decisions. While cause of death is captured in death certificates that are collected by states and passed onto the CDC, access to these records is restricted, can take up to a year or more to receive, and they are not de-identified or interoperable. Additionally, the cause of death listed on the death certificate is often prone to error, with peer reviewed studies showing error rates ranging from 34% to 52% or even higher. Additionally, cardiac events are over reported on death certificates as a catchall when the true cause of death is unknown.

“Death is a critical endpoint in health research and related disciplines; however, the cause of death is rarely available in public notices and is often inaccurate in official death certificates,” explained Veritas CEO Jason LaBonte. “The Mortality Masterset offering is the first widely-accessible dataset to include cause of death for health research and risk modeling.”

“We saw a need amongst our clients in the life sciences industry to have an accurate cause of death for long-term follow up and health outcome studies, and we’re happy to be able to partner with Veritas to create the Mortality Masterset,” said Andrew Kress, HealthVerity CEO. “By synchronizing this breadth and depth of de-identified data, we are able to provide the most accurate, pre-assembled cause of death determination in a HIPAA-compliant format that allows our clients to start their studies immediately, without having to do additional research on the cause of death.”

The Mortality Masterset is an addition to the growing suite of HealthVerity Mastersets, including the Provider Diversity and Diagnosis Index (PDI) Masterset, Maternal Outcomes Masterset (MOM), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Masterset, and COVID-19 Masterset, all of which are curated by RWD experts to provide speed to insight for a particular area of study.

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