Long-term pregnancy studies built on the lifetime bond between mother and child

Studying the maternal journey poses many challenges, such as connecting clinical data for mother and infant. Purpose-built for long-term, multi-year pregnancy studies, MOM synchronizes the de-identified healthcare records of over 12 million pregnant women, with more than 3 million newborns synced to their mothers, or over half of the live births. This synchronization provides registry-quality data at a fraction of the cost and without the worry of losing participants to follow up, allowing you to explore a more comprehensive patient journey from pre-pregnancy to birth and beyond.

MOM knows best

Only HealthVerity MOM lets you conduct post-market surveillance, retrospective and prospective pregnancy studies by preserving critical social determinants of health data elements, such as race, maternal age, birth events, pregnancy outcomes and mortality by using advanced privacy-preserving techniques.

Hit your due date

Save valuable time with this pre-assembled masterset that empowers you to conduct long-term, multi-year studies on pregnant women from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Additionally, with MOM having already been used in post-market studies, HealthVerity has FDA-approved protocols.

Delivering a bundle of data

Gain a thorough perspective of the maternal journey with synchronized medical, pharmacy and enrollment data from over 150 U.S. healthcare payers, including commercial and Medicaid plans, plus lab results from three of the top five laboratories, including both Quest and Labcorp, representing 80% of all U.S. outpatient labs, EMR records for nearly 6 million pregnant women, with an additional inpatient hospital records for over 3 million soon-to-be moms.

You can trust MOM with your research


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Characteristics and outcomes of pregnancies in the Maternal Outcomes Masterset real-world database

This peer reviewed study published in Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety found that MOM aligns with national statistics and that there is a high degree of confidence in the masterset as a source for conducting pregnancy studies.

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Maternal Outcomes Masterset (MOM) Part 1

In the first of this two-part series that introduces MOM, learn how the COVID pandemic shed light on the long-standing challenge of generating reliable evidence on drug safety during pregnancy, how MOM overcame the challenge and the questions MOM
can answer.

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Maternal Outcomes Masterset (MOM) Part 2

Part two of this informative webinar series demonstrates how to generate rapid, reliable real-world evidence for pregnancy health with MOM.