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In today’s massively fragmented data environment, patient data interoperability can no longer rely on legacy tokenization technologies, rife with inconsistent matching rules and inherent privacy risks. Introducing HealthVerity Identity Manager, the industry’s most secure standalone De-ID as a Service (De-IDaaS) that offers end-to-end privacy-preserving identity resolution for your real-world data. Identity Manager is the only solution that offers a unique, but persistent HealthVerity ID (HVID) that creates a single source of truth to reliably, more efficiently and more cost effectively sync and unify patient records across unlimited first-party and third-party data sources.

Standalone De-ID as a Service that lets you stand on your own

Identity Manager is built to serve the needs of research-quality real-word data:

  • Standalone De-ID service that works with or without HealthVerity Marketplace
  • Ideal for one dataset or creating interoperability across datasets of your choice
  • Blaze through patient records and De-ID up to 1 million records per second
  • Architected with multiple layers of security to ensure privacy
  • Simplified pricing that preserves, rather than blows, your budget
  • Easy to deploy and operate in the same day
  • Legacy solutions simply replace personally identifiable information (PII) with a simple alphanumeric string, or token, at the point of processing. This means that your token is a direct expression of the PII, potentially leaving tokens exposed to reverse engineering or brute force cyberattacks.

    HealthVerity has designed a far superior privacy architecture to ensure the integrity of Identity Manager and the HealthVerity ID in a process certified as HIPAA compliant by Dr. Brad Malin of Vanderbilt University. First, all PII is processed behind your firewall with a custom Identity Manager De-ID engine that produces a one-way cryptographic salted hash that is sent securely to the HealthVerity matching environment. The matching environment, where hashes are resolved to HVIDs based on techniques built by HealthVerity to exacting standards, operates as an independent service so HealthVerity itself never has access to the encrypted hashes. HealthVerity only receives the HVID and then produces an interoperable client-specific variation of this parent HVID to send to customers. This three step process ensures that the HVID cannot be reverse engineered to the PII, that HVIDs are client-specific but fully interoperable across all clients and data sources through a master patient index in the cloud. Identity Manager is truly an end-to-end, privacy-protecting solution that resolves patient identity in a manner that facilitates seamless interoperability unlike any other legacy tokenization solution.

Any data, anywhere, anytime

Sync a limitless combination of data sources for a wealth of use cases with Identity Manager standalone De-ID as a service. The universal HVID managed by HealthVerity is instantly interoperable across datasets of your choice or can be synchronized with HealthVerity Marketplace, the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem. Furthermore, HVIDs can be customized to limit or expand how research-ready data is enabled to support various levels of enterprise compliance, patient privacy and regulatory frameworks. From creating a master patient index for your own data, working with third-party data or licensing through HealthVerity Marketplace, the HVID is the gold standard for the industry.

Sync on demand

No matter your security protocols or technical expertise, whether your data is centralized or decentralized, HealthVerity offers four modalities that enable processing of PII and the creation of 1 million HVIDs per minute. Our quick and convenient modalities can be implemented in any environment and require only hours to install and execute.

  • Batch
    Customers receive a pre-configured file that enables the processing of records behind their firewall so that all PII stays with the data owner.

    Customers write to the HealthVerity Identity API and records are processed in real time, with all PII remaining with the data owner.

    A secure webform is provided for users to enter or upload single or multiple patient identities. The PII is encrypted and submitted to a privacy-protected hosted environment and deleted in a secure manner after processing.

    Customers pre-configure their PII to a consistent data layout that is encrypted and shared via secure file transfer to a privacy-protected virtual environment, processed and then deleted in a secure manner.

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