Advance the science with better registry building

With high error rates from legacy technologies, we believe the token is broken, limiting life sciences organizations from realizing the full potential of real-world data (RWD) in maximizing the investment in registries as an ideal clinical trial recruiting strategy. HealthVerity FLOW for Registries is the only pharma-grade solution that can synchronize patients across de-identified, identifiable and investigator data, all in a fully governed, HIPAA-compliant and 21 CFR 11-certified environment. Powered by the IPGE approach, this end-to-end SaaS solution enables pharma and its partners to optimize registry insights as a means to better target ideal candidates for future clinical trials.

The ultimate source of truth

To ensure the most accurate and data-driven outcomes, begin your clinical trial journey with HealthVerity Identity Manager, the industry’s most accurate solution for patient matching and identity resolution. Serving as the single source of truth for enrolled patients across the enterprise, HealthVerity offers a reliable platform to track and manage patient participation over time with the option to seamlessly retrieve patient-centric de-identified or identifiable patient data to complement patient self-reported outcomes.

Built-in privacy and consent management

Confidently manage both identifiable and de-identified data, patient consents and user permissions for the life of the registry and beyond. This 21 CFR Part 11-certified solution fully integrates with eConsent systems in addition to offering a distributed webform for data capture where you need it.

On-demand data discovery
and delivery

Unlock patient journeys with on-demand real-world data discovery and delivery from the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem. Overlap your registry cohorts in real-time across the universe of RWD in HealthVerity Marketplace to explore comorbidities, biomarkers or important physician notes, all in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Just as easily retrieve a wide breadth of identifiable patient data for those who have given consent to further generate real-world evidence in combination with your registry findings.

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