Turn permissions
into possibilities

Interacting with patients requires tracking and adhering to a wide variety
of permissions. If not properly managed, violations of these permissions can have significant repercussions at the federal and state level. HealthVerity Governance Manager serves as a single source of truth for seamlessly managing patient consents and data rights, including opt-ins, opt-outs and expirations, across individual clinical trials, various brands and enterprise wide.

One platform, a world of opportunities

Load all of your patient-captured permissions into a single platform that synchronizes with your most critical business workflows, allowing you to easily confirm consent preferences and act more decisively.

Rely on a single source of truth

Synchronize multiple consent touchpoints, such as websites, e-Consent forms and external partners, into a single source of truth for patient data usage preferences.

Compliantly govern data usage

Safeguard compliance with evolving privacy laws with a fully auditable consent management system that maintains a historic record of patient data usage permissions.

Opt-in to optimized consent management