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We help organizations better understand their data.

The HealthVerity platform serves as the foundation for the rapid creation, exchange and management of healthcare and consumer data. Through best-in-class identity resolution and matching capabilities, increased transparency and interoperability across the enterprise is now possible.

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COVID-19 trend and test reporting

In response to the systemic growth of COVID-19, HealthVerity has teamed up with top data partners to develop near-real-time reports tracking the process of the disease, as well as the HealthVerity Patient Confidence Index monitoring patient engagement across key therapeutic areas.

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The privacy-compliant technology platform that adapts with your evolving enterprise.

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Best-in-class de-identification and matching technology powering interoperability across the enterprise.

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Self-service cloud solution with over 150 billion de-identified healthcare and consumer transactions from 60 unique data sources.

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Social determinants of health combined with healthcare data for actionable insights on patient behavior and adherence.

Trusted by over 100 Fortune 500 companies.

70% of top US pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on HealthVerity technology.

The most accurate de-identification and matching solution.

Email address, patient or member IDs and phone numbers along with more traditional fields produce results exceeding 10x greater accuracy than leading competitors. Turn your internal datasets into a consolidated and accurate patient master.

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Complete interoperability across US healthcare, consumer & purchase data.

With access to over 150 billion de-identified transactions from 330 million patients, data licensing has never been easier. Activate your data and gain unprecedented insights by linking to healthcare and consumer datasets from over 60 unique sources.

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Discover the power of interoperability.

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