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Webinar: Maternal Outcomes Masterset (MOM)

By linking de-identified healthcare records of over 1.6 million pregnant women to their newborns, clinical researchers can now study a more comprehensive patient journey from pre-pregnancy to birth and beyond.

Use case: Commercial Underwriting

Discover how a Commercial Underwriter was able to make decisions on whether to proceed with offering a quote or declining the opportunity based on the data

Use case: Defining relevant outcomes (VBA)

Negotiating value-based agreements that reflect the value for both parties, and ultimately the benefit patients receive
Pragmatic clinical trials

Use case: Pragmatic clinical trials

Generating real world evidence to augment clinical trial data
Synthetic control arms

Use case: Synthetic control arms

Expanding clinical trials by sourcing retrospective, real-time and prospective Real-World Data
The holistic patient journey Fusing RWD with person-generated health data

Webinar: The holistic patient journey: Fusing RWD with person-generated health data

The connection of patient-generated health data combined with RWD allows for enhanced insights into the patient journey
Unlocking patient engagement in a digital-first future for life sciences

Webinar: Unlocking patient engagement in a digital-first future for life sciences

A timely discussion about the role of real-world data in continued patient engagement across Life Sciences and Pharma
HealthVerity Census

One pager: HealthVerity Census

Real-time matching and identity resolution technology for the enterprise
The role of RWE Longitudinal patient insights

Webinar: The role of RWE: Longitudinal patient insights bridging clinical and real-word data

Gain insights into how your key challenges in post-market surveillance are solved by integrating real-world data and clinical trial data
Validating audience quality

Use Case: Validating audience quality

De-identify media exposure logs, resolve cookie-based impressions and connect to persistent, patient-level identifiers
Real-time patient mastering

Use Case: Real-time patient mastering

Discover the need for interoperability among proprietary data silos with external datasets
From first impressions to patient outcomes

Webinar: From First Impressions to Patient Outcomes

Pairing LiveRamp digital media impressions with HealthVerity’s HIPAA-compliant healthcare and consumer data
RWE and real-time insights

Webinar: RWE and real-time insights

Learn how biopharma and regulators are using RWD to answer questions on the pandemic’s broader impact on healthcare
VBA 2.0

Webinar: VBA 2.0

Learn how to successfully leverage real-world data to accelerate VBA development
The Diversity Imperative

Webinar: The Diversity Imperative

Barriers to reach patients representative of the overall society have been difficult to overcome... until now
5 ways patient-centered

White Paper: 5 ways patient-centered data will change life sciences

It’s now possible to explore the key events along a person’s health journey, all in a HIPAA-compliant manner
HealthVerity Lab data

One pager: HealthVerity Lab data

Gain insights into transaction-level lab tests, test results and diagnosis
HealthVerity Census for the enterprise

White paper: HealthVerity Census for the enterprise

Solve the challenges of handling PII in a regulated environment with HealthVerity Census
Closed payer claims

One pager: Closed payer claims

Access 190+ million patients from 150+ unique payers in the largest collection of closed payer claims available today
Value-based agreements

One pager: Value-based agreements

Enable impactful VBAs with interoperable, patient-centric data, real-time monitoring and a trusted data environment
Healthcare data and digital behavior

One pager: Healthcare data and digital behavior

Activate privacy-centric linkage between patient healthcare data and digital behavior
Rare disease data

One pager: Rare disease data

Rare disease data doesn't have to be rare
Matching accuracy metrics

White paper: Matching accuracy metrics

Quantitative evaluations and how to compute them on an anonymized dataset
HealthVerity Marketplace

One pager: HealthVerity Marketplace

Discover healthcare data in a way that has never before been possible
HealthVerity Cipher

One pager: HealthVerity Cipher

Reveal uncharted patient attributes by linking social determinants of health with healthcare data
HealthVerity Consent

One pager: HealthVerity Consent

Manage and govern consent across your enterprise

One pager: NASH & NAFLD

Take your NASH/NAFLD research to the next level