HealthVerity FLOW 1.1 upgraded to better contextualize the patient journey and offer novel next-best actions across the life sciences industry

HealthVerity FLOW 1.1 upgraded to better contextualize the patient journey and offer novel next-best actions across the life sciences industry 1200 627 Colleen Stoker

HealthVerity FLOW 1.1 upgraded to better contextualize the patient journey and offer novel next-best actions across the life sciences industry

FEBRUARY 1, 2024

End-to-end solution manages patient identity, governs permissions and enables on-demand data retrieval

PHILADELPHIA, PA — HealthVerity, the leader in synchronizing transformational technologies and real-world data (RWD) to advance the science, today announced the general availability of HealthVerity FLOW 1.1 for clinical trials, registries and commercial applications. This latest middleware release revolutionizes the way pharmaceutical manufacturers can integrate RWD with primary data from across the enterprise, offering an end-to-end solution that manages patient identity, governs permissions, and enables on-demand retrieval of HIPAA-compliant data to contextualize patient journeys and drive next-best actions.

HealthVerity FLOW 1.1 is the first pharma-class solution to solve the challenge of seamlessly integrating RWD into key applications, such as clinical trials, as a means to significantly improve the quality and depth of real-world evidence generation. No longer do sponsors or commercial organizations need to rely solely on traditional means for data collection, whether pre- or post-drug launch. With its market-leading capabilities, HealthVerity FLOW effectively tokenizes and manages patient identity as the source of truth with an accuracy rate that is 10x higher than legacy solutions. Furthermore, it can efficiently govern permissions for those same patients as a means to unlock and exchange the broadest ecosystem of both de-identified and identifiable patient data, all in a fully HIPAA-compliant manner.

HealthVerity FLOW 1.1 was designed to expertly synchronize RWD across a wide range of key life sciences use cases:

Enhancing clinical trials: Accelerate pathways to regulatory submissions

HealthVerity FLOW is ideally positioned to provide its clients with an enterprise view of key activities in a single phase II, III or IV trial or across the entire portfolio of clinical trials. By providing a dashboard view of enrollment shared with the application, HealthVerity FLOW can effectively store, manage and report on patient participation as a tokenized source of truth, efficiently manage consents and permissions throughout the duration of a trial, and provide an on-demand means to retrieve de-identified and identifiable data, often the same day, all in a HIPAA-compliant manner and with full data provenance.

This novel approach provides unheralded benefits throughout the trial life cycle:

  • During the trial – Augment findings from investigators with regulatory-grade patient data from nationally-recognized sources across medical claims, pharmacy claims, lab data, EHR data and beyond. Whether a patient is actively enrolled or lost to follow up, HealthVerity FLOW offers sponsors a gateway to continue to accurately learn about patient journeys to complement sites and potentially reduce the time to FDA submission.
  • After the trial – Seamlessly conduct long-term follow up and post-trial safety surveillance to meet any post-marketing requirements and better understand the safety and efficacy of a product without risking any violation of patient privacy.
Optimizing registries: Efficiently identify potential trial participants

By eliminating many of the complexities of HIPAA-compliant data retrieval, HealthVerity FLOW enables pharma organizations to bring a new richness to key cohorts in patient registries, expanding the breadth of patients available to participate in research studies and optimizing candidate recruitment efforts. HealthVerity FLOW can be deployed to power a sponsor’s own registry efforts or complement the work of hundreds of disease-specific registries across the country.

Enabling commercial success: Gain speed to market for patients in need

HealthVerity FLOW offers unparalleled advantages for commercial organizations seeking to enhance post-launch success. As middleware, HealthVerity FLOW is uniquely positioned to offer a novel means to convert media investment into patient education and acquisition. For example, this state-of-the-art technology enables drug brand websites to capture required permissions to convert web traffic into actionable knowledge about patient intent and priority, all in a privacy-protected and HIPAA-compliant manner.

“HealthVerity FLOW has the power to reveal insights into the patient journey that were never before possible and to do so without additional complexity or strain on clinical trial sites or other pharma resources,” said Andrew Kress, HealthVerity CEO. “We are proud to offer the life sciences industry a comprehensive solution for integrating real-world data that manages patient identity and permissions, enabling on-demand retrieval of both de-identified and identifiable data while ensuring patient privacy and HIPAA compliance. We are truly providing the pathway that pharma needs to drive next-best actions and accelerate the approval of potentially life-saving treatments.”

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