HealthVerity Audience Manager launched to power the next generation of advanced targeting for the life sciences industry

HealthVerity Audience Manager launched to power the next generation of advanced targeting for the life sciences industry 2400 1256 Doug DeMarra

HealthVerity Audience Manager launched to power the next generation of advanced targeting for the life sciences industry

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

Self-directed solution unlocks the potential of social determinants of health to power precise media and healthcare targeting

PHILADELPHIA, PA — HealthVerity, the leader in synchronizing transformational technologies and real-world data (RWD) to advance the science, today announced the launch of HealthVerity Audience Manager. This disruptive solution provides media agencies and life sciences organizations with a truly self-directed analytics environment that enables previously unattainable insights regarding patient behavior in combination with social determinants of health (SDOH), all in a privacy protected, HIPAA-compliant manner. Audience Manager is ideally suited to synchronize healthcare and SDOH data with ever-more sophisticated cohort modeling to precisely define audience segments for awareness campaigns, therapeutic studies and support programs.

Complex data privacy laws and limited analytics tools have historically made it challenging for media agencies and the life sciences industry to implement patient-centric engagement strategies. As therapies have become increasingly more personalized, it is more important than ever to ensure that the right patients receive the right medications in combination with any required support. Audience Manager is the only solution in the industry to empower media agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to synchronize proprietary enterprise data with the patient-centric RWD and SDOH data of their choice from the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem in a fully HIPAA-compliant manner. Organizations can leverage this self-directed analytics environment to build comprehensive views of patient journeys by contextualizing patient diagnoses, procedures and therapies with patient-centric social determinants of health, demographics and behaviors. This approach firmly places the power of discovery in the hands of organizations and provides a clear path to design approaches that reach the right patients in the right channels with the right messaging at the right time.

“Audience Manager flips the model on current industry standards that offer only pre-defined or ‘black box’ audience segments,” explained Ben Walker, general manager, media and consumer data at HealthVerity. “Instead, we empower media agencies and life sciences organizations to conduct their own analyses with their data in combination with healthcare and consumer data, all synchronized to unlock previously unattainable outcomes. This approach enables organizations to iterate approaches far more quickly and more accurately instead of hoping that ‘black box’ models are aligned with their outreach objectives.”

HealthVerity Audience Manager can be integrated with HealthVerity Media Measurement, a closed loop marketing solution that synchronizes digital media ad and television exposure data with pharmacy and medical transactions from patients of interest to assess campaign performance, understand the impact of targeting efforts and optimize campaigns in real time, all in a privacy-protected and HIPAA-compliant manner.

“HealthVerity Audience Manager will be a gamechanger for us,” explained Brandon King, SVP activation analytics with Fingerpaint, a full-service healthcare marketing company. “It will allow us to provide our clients with insights that were previously unattainable due to complex HIPAA regulations and data management issues industrywide. With our partnership with HealthVerity, we will be able to integrate Audience Manager with Elevalt, our omnichannel orchestration engine, to not only meet all of our clients’ needs to optimize their campaigns, but also provide activation-ready insights.”

Ready to learn more? Watch our webinar, Break out of the black box and discover how you can break free of black box solutions to gain a deeper understanding of patient behavior.

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