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Healthcare data + digital touch points

Connecting digital media behavior to actual patient activity to better influence the journey to treatment.

Transparency and accountability:
A new approach to media measurement

With HealthVerity’s HIPAA-compliant media data link, healthcare marketers can now seamlessly associate digital ad impressions, web visits, email interactions and television ad exposures to transactional-level patient data. By understanding which channels have the greatest influence on patient actions, your team can now make informed, data-driven decisions on future marketing spend and expected ROI.

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  • Validate that the audience exposed to the campaign actually has the diagnosis of interest.
  • Measure the impact of media campaigns on real-world patient outcomes and accurately attribute marketing ROI.
  • Access transaction-level campaign data and discover key insights without relying on a third-party.
  • Improve future campaigns by linking medical and prescription claims to consumer data and social determinants of health.
Cycle flow chart: Validate, Measure, Access, Improve

Media data link offers an unmatched level of access to data. No more black box reporting.

Diagram showing Ad Impressions combining with Healthcare Data in a single table
Diagram showing Ad Impressions combining with Healthcare Data in a single table

Media data link resources.

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Validating audience quality

A top 20 pharma company initiates a display ad campaign for a new heart failure medication. The goal is to increase prescription fills and overall market share.

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Media attribution

A top 20 pharma company must validate the return on its marketing spend. While much of the budget is spent on TV and digital media ads, measuring the impact on healthcare outcomes is a challenge due to HIPAA and similar privacy regulations.

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From first impressions to patient outcomes

Pairing LiveRamp digital media impressions with HIPAA-compliant healthcare and consumer data allows marketers to fully understand the ROI of their campaigns for the first time.

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Media attribution that really drives your digital strategy.

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