California Consumer Privacy Act will force businesses to be more transparent with data collection; HealthVerity has the solution

California Consumer Privacy Act will force businesses to be more transparent with data collection; HealthVerity has the solution 150 150 Brett Dziura
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California Consumer Privacy Act will Force Businesses to be More Transparent with Data Collection; HealthVerity has the Solution

Healthcare technology company equipped with scalable solutions for data privacy, consent management and de-identification of personal data.

Philadelphia, PA — July 2, 2018

With the passage into law of the new California Consumer Privacy Act, businesses now face the daunting task of rethinking their entire approach to managing consumer data. The law requires companies to disclose, to any consumer who asks, exactly what personal information has been collected, where else this data has been shared and, if asked, to comply with any request for it to be deleted. HealthVerity, Inc., a leader in cloud solutions for networked data, offers two platforms to address this new era in consumer privacy by which businesses will need to abide – HealthVerity Census and HealthVerity Consent.

HealthVerity Census solves the challenging problem of consolidating identities across enterprise datasets through a proven de-identification and matching service. By attributing a unique identity token, the HealthVerity ID, to each individual, enterprises can now securely and accurately de-identify consumer data in a HIPAA-compliant manner, consistent with the requirements of the new California law. HealthVerity Census can be deployed internally between an enterprises’ own disparate datasets and in combination with partners to create interoperability across an entire data ecosystem.

Recently launched within a top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturer, HealthVerity Consent is an enterprise-class platform that leverages blockchain to aggregate and manage consumer data use permissions. The solution utilizes smart contracts to communicate additions, changes and current status of those preferences. Companies are able to seamlessly and efficiently manage all consumer consents and permissions across a variety of source systems and provide real-time unified management of consumer consent necessary to support evolving data privacy needs. HealthVerity Consent ensures regulatory compliance by establishing a shared, immutable record of all the consumer consent transactions that take place within an enterprise, enabling only permissioned parties access to trusted information permitted data use in real time.

“Data privacy compliance and consumer consent are requirements that are no longer limited to just healthcare entities,” said Andrew Kress, CEO of HealthVerity. “Businesses across all industries will now need a reliable method to quickly access and determine whether a consumer has allowed their personal data to be used for a particular application. As a leader in blockchain for healthcare, we are leveraging our extensive experience in healthcare data privacy to deliver proven technologies that accomplish this standard for customers.”

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