Clinical Trials

Bridging clinical trial data with real-world data for unrealized insights into the patient journey

Up until now clinical trial data and real-world data have existed as separate silos, blocking insights into what’s happening to patients before, during, and after trial.

By expanding your vision of each patient beyond the constraints and time period of the clinical trial, you can now take advantage of key missed opportunities in clinical trial development and execution:

  • Extend clinical trials to address long-term outcomes
  • Lower patient and investigator burden by leveraging and linking to RWD
  • Design external control arms using regulatory-grade RWD
  • Maintain patient journey visibility, even after trial drop out or trial end
  • Execute post-marketing surveillance to address regulatory commitments
  • Generate value evidence for payers through long-term outcome tracking
Clinical Trial Chart

Before Trial

Icon: Checklist

Validate patient history and comorbidities before trail begins.

Gain insights into previous interventions, procedures, and other healthcare activities.

During Trial

Icon: Charts

Gather additional real-world data points throughout the active trial.

Avoid missing out on non-reported information such as urgent care visits and other insights on efficacy and adverse effects during the trial.

After Trial

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Monitor patients for longer term outcomes and safety studies.

Future proof your studies by following patients in the real-world to understand long-term outcomes and value.

How it works

Clinical Trial and RWD Linkage is powered by HealthVerity IPGE, the industry’s leading infrastructure for patient identity resolution, privacy, governance, and exchange of broadscale healthcare and consumer data. Here’s how the process works:

Icon: Clinical Trial Enrollment

Clinical trial enrollment

Engage clinical trial patients who have provided consent through Pharma company, CRO or EDC.

Icon: Assign HealthVerity ID

Assign HealthVerity ID

Apply industry-best identity resolution technology to consented patients for HIPAA-compliant linkage.

Icon: Supplement with RWD

Supplement with RWD

Gain insights into clinical trial patients with access to largest RWD ecosystem comprised of 150B transactions and 330 million Americans.

Icon: Innovative Data

Incorporate innovative data

Append data elements like wearables and activity tracking to patient profiles for further insights into the patient journey.

Icon: Monitor Long-term

Long-term follow up

Track safety, efficacy and long-term outcomes of patients during and post-trial in real-world populations.

HealthVerity is in a category of its own

  • Probabilistic matching technology resolves patient identity data with 10x greater accuracy than industry alternatives
  • Centralized referential database is continuously updated for dynamic matching across time and data sources
  • One-stop solution, including data normalization, privacy compliance, governance, contracting, and delivery for streamlined implementation
  • Integrated into your workflows with flexible options for data input and data delivery, including at patient sites to support DCTs
  • Broad, diverse RWD ecosystem comprised of medical claims, lab data and results, pharmacy claims, EMR data, hospital chargemaster data and social determinants of health data

Prioritize diversity and inclusion per FDA mandate

A breakthrough way to expand the inclusion of minority groups in clinical trials and health plan networks by understanding the racial mix of patients under the care of each provider.

Leverage the Provider Diversity Index to:

  • Directly address the FDA draft guidance on minority inclusion in clinical trials
  • Identify clinical trial investigators with more diverse patient populations of interest
  • Enhance strategies to diversify patient recruiting efforts
  • Highlight physicians who are more likely to treat minority patients at higher risk
Provider Diversity Chart
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