About EntityRisk

EntityRisk enables healthcare innovators and payers to solve value measurement, contracting, market access and pricing challenges at scale. EntityRisk’s proprietary, data-driven software solutions address the full spectrum of risk considerations ranging from the uncertainty of drug pricing and access to the unpredictability of real-world effectiveness, utilization and value. Its flexible, scalable approach enables companies to maximize value for patients, innovators and payers across the risk spectrum. EntityRisk is a world-class team of economists, data scientists, software engineers, market access innovators, finance professionals and cutting-edge academic experts.

How we work together

EntityRisk leverages HealthVerity’s expansive data ecosystem and unique IPGE data infrastructure to analyze healthcare data and deliver insights to clients. EntityRisk’s proprietary algorithms combine clinical trial and real-world data to enable life science innovators, payers and clinicians to predict outcomes and build access strategies around the anticipated value, uptake, and durability of new treatments in the real world. These actionable insights are leveraged for (1) outcomes and valuation risk assessments (2) risk-based contracting design and optimization, and (3) risk monitoring, reporting and updating.

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