HealthVerity enhances Provider Diversity and Diagnosis Index with AnalyticsIQ ethnicity insights

HealthVerity enhances Provider Diversity and Diagnosis Index with AnalyticsIQ ethnicity insights 1200 627 Colleen Stoker

HealthVerity enhances Provider Diversity and Diagnosis Index with AnalyticsIQ ethnicity insights

JUNE 4, 2024

HealthVerity to offer AnalyticsIQ race and ethnicity data linked to over 2 million NPIs

ATLANTA, GA and PHILADELPHIA, PA — HealthVerity, the leader in synchronizing transformational technologies and real-world data (RWD) to advance the science, today announced a partnership with AnalyticsIQ, the leading provider of predictive people-based data. This partnership enables HealthVerity to provide clients with race and ethnicity insights on healthcare providers as an add-on to their Provider Diversity and Diagnosis Index (PDI) Masterset by leveraging AnalyticsIQ’s people-based ethnicity data linked to National Provider Identifier (NPI) records.

AnalyticsIQ is the first data company to blend cognitive psychology with data science in order to drive better outcomes by helping healthcare organizations understand patients and providers with their people-based consumer data, comprehensive social determinant of health (SDOH) insights, and NPI linkages. HealthVerity PDI is the only nationally syndicated report that leverages medical, pharmacy and consumer data to calculate the racial diversity, demographic mix and diagnosis of patients for over 2 million healthcare providers, all in a HIPAA-compliant manner. By partnering with AnalyticsIQ, HealthVerity clients will also be able to access race and ethnicity data for providers. Research has shown that patients prefer to receive care from someone of a similar ethnic background, therefore, these insights can help with endeavors to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare.

“AnalyticsIQ is a leader in people-based insights and we are pleased to be the first organization to provide their reliable ethnicity and race data of healthcare providers as an add-on to PDI or licensed with other real-world data from HealthVerity Marketplace,” said Andrew Kress, HealthVerity CEO. “Thanks to the extremely high match rates we experience with AnalyticsIQ’s data, we are now able to provide insights into the race and ethnicity of approximately 85% of all healthcare providers in the nation’s largest healthcare data ecosystem. This enables our clients’ to consider patient and provider demographic characteristics to improve clinical trial diversity, enhance patient engagement, and increase therapeutic adherence,” continued Kress.

With this partnership, HealthVerity is empowered to further their goal of driving more equitable and diverse clinical trials as well as increasing therapeutic adherence, aligning with AnalyticsIQ’s mission of driving better outcomes for all.

“AnalyticsIQ is proud to partner with an organization like HealthVerity and assist them in furthering equity in clinical trials and patient adherence by better understanding who providers are as people. Their Provider Diversity and Diagnosis Index aims to drive better medicine through diversity, and we are excited to have the opportunity to play a part in that mission” said AnalyticsIQ Head of Health Partnerships Christine Lee. “Their data-driven commitment to patients and privacy makes them a leader in healthcare, and we are looking forward to the ongoing success and growth of our partnership” stated Lee.

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AnalyticsIQ is the leading people-based marketing data creator and predictive analytics innovator. Our mission is to fuel better outcomes for all by creating reliable and predictive people-based data by blending cognitive psychology with data science to help organizations across industries understand who people are, what they do, and why they make decisions.

Our PeopleCore consumer data, suite of SDOH insights, and NPI linkages provide insight into patients and providers as people that empower healthcare organizations to enhance engagement, power research, and ultimately achieve better outcomes.

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