Maximize the power
of your data

Maximize the power
of your data

Join us as a data partner and become a member of the nation’s largest interoperable healthcare and consumer data ecosystem

Reach a wider audience interested in your data

  • Through HealthVerity Marketplace your data is marketed to more than 6,000 active users in 850 organizations, including leading pharma companies, CROs, consulting companies, federal organizations, payers and analytic organizations.
  • HealthVerity’s dedicated sales force helps extend your organization’s reach.

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Make your data more valuable

  • Combine your patient data with other data types in a HIPAA-compliant way to create a comprehensive view of the patient journey.
  • HealthVerity’s extensive data ecosystem includes more than 75+ unique datasets and 330M patients.
  • The HealthVerity IPGE platform enables data interoperability with EMR, hospital chargemaster, lab, pharmacy, medical claim, grocery, consumer, imaging and biospecimen data.
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Maintain transparency and control of how your data is used

  • Have the power to accept or decline projects based on the proposed use of the data.
  • Never wonder what happens to your data downstream.


Discover the power behind the HealthVerity IPGE platform and our data partner ecosystem

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